A “Magic Touch” Can Gain Consumers Favor

Benedict Carey’s article in today’s New York Times, Evidence That Little Touches Do Mean So Much, states “that a warm touch sets off the release of oxytocin, which helps create a sensation of trust, and reduces levels of the stress hormone cortisol.”  Waiters and waitresses have known this for some time. Research has shown that when the waitstaff touches a patron during the meal, customers are more likely to leave a bigger tip. Take note the next time you’re in a Macaroni Grill or a TGIFridays!

This got me thinking about the way Just Ask a Woman talks with consumers in research. If the research shows that a high five can enhance performance, think about what could happen if you are in the room with your consumer, elbow to elbow.

Often during our sessions, it feels appropriate to lay a hand on a shoulder, touch an arm, pat a back – this all comes naturally when you are Power Listening and engaging in the conversation. But if you are sitting in the back room, separated from your consumers, you will never have a chance to connect physically.

While it is difficult to offer a little touch at the retail shelf, perhaps connecting in a more physical way (being in the same room with her is a good start) before your product even goes to market, will lay the foundation for a stronger relationship in the future.

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Flight for Thought

Traveling back from Chicago the other day a security guard approached me as I was headed into the line. He asked me to hold a nametag badge that had the time I entered the line (1:30 pm) and to hand it to security on the other end so they could track how long people were waiting in line. I decided to take one for the team and stood in the longest line possible; behind the baby in the stroller and the older man with the cane and the woman who did not understand that she had to take her bangles off to go through the sensors and didn’t remove her shoes. I would’ve told you I stood in line for 45 minutes, but it turned out to only be 23. I proudly handed my time card over to the security woman standing behind the sensors. I was convinced I was going to get a free drink ticket or at least a ‘thank you’, but instead she tossed it into some basket, not even glancing at it to note the time. It was all over and my efforts were not even acknowledged. I have to admit I was a little crushed.

I began to think about what we at Just Ask a Woman ask women to do and it’s a lot more than holding a time badge. We invite them to come in and share with us their opinions and intimate stories to help us better understand them. The best ‘thank you’ we can give these women is to Power Listen-we invite our clients to sit in the room with them face to face (no glass here). Through the small gesture of acknowledging your target and paying attention the women are shown the respect they deserve and by whole-heartedly listening our clients get smarter too.

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April 13, 2024
by Mary Lou Quinlan

A look at an early production of WORK


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“The God Box” has grown to include an app, audio book, philanthropic venture and solo show performed by Mary Lou across the US. Now The God Box Project goes global to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.
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