Now I’m really part of the IKEA FAMILY

On a trip to IKEA Red Hook last week, without child or husband weighing me down (I love them but they are not good shopping buddies), I roamed through the Marketplace and found myself in the children’s department looking at a kiosk for the IKEA FAMILY card. I did a little dance for joy without even knowing what the card offered!   I love loyalty cards (even if I don’t always remember to bring them) and I have hoped for an IKEA program for years.

What you get:  IKEA FAMILY offers free coffee or tea during each visit, 30 extra minutes in Smaland and discounts on IKEA FAMILY products (of which I bought 3 without even realizing it) and monthly discounts on specific products and sweepstakes. You don’t have to worry about points and it’s free and easy to sign up for and they are really excited about getting customers to join the family. (I watched the cashier tell a young family to go back and get a card, she’d wait for them.)

I saved $6.45 on my cart and got a free frozen yogurt for just signing up. Thanks IKEA.

Glad to be part of the family!

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May 23, 2024
by Mary Lou Quinlan

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