I’m a Black Diamond Traveler

There are 2 things I can say with certainty that I do really, really well.  

The first is that I know my way around a Blackberry better than anyone I know. I have a Blackberry black belt and know all of the tricks and shortcuts and can teach even the most technophobic person how to get started.   

The second is that I am amazingly good at getting through airport security lines.  I never dilly dally in line or wear shoes with laces or knee high boots (rookie mistake). My computer is always out of the bag and in its own bin and I know that shoes should always go through before computers so that you have time to get to the other side before your computer gets jostled around. Imagine my delight to hear about the arrival of Black Diamond security system when I was reading http://online.wsj.com/article/SB121062975460586349.html The Wall Street Journal. Basically about a dozen airports are experimenting with a three line security system based on your expertise – just like on the ski slopes.  Green lines for families. Blue lines for tourists.  Black lines for the travel fluent like me.   

I think this is brilliant for me as a business trip road warrior.  I will be among my people and won’t be trapped behind the family traveling with too many carry on bags and oversized toiletries.  C’mon people, 3 ounces not 30 ounces.   

When I am traveling with my toddler twins I am very self conscious in the security line.  I feel terrible for the poor creature that gets trapped behind us.  No matter how organized I get my hasn’t-traveled- for-business-since-dial-up husband or how prepared I get the children (no shoes, no jackets), we are still slow through the line.  Being in a family line would make me feel so much less guilt.   

During heavy business travel hours I can picture myself drooling over the short lines in the green or blue lines. 

Now I’m going to want to have the Black Diamond system other places like the NYC subway, grocery stores and doctor’s offices.    

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