Chobani Cheers for Their Littlest Champs!

Chobani’s the newest breakfast for champions… the littlest champions, that is. That’s right, the leading Greek yogurt brand in the country has introduced a new line of yogurts, called Champions, that are blasting with nutrition and fun just for the little ones.  It’s the first Greek-yogurt that is specifically targeted to children. Currently there are only two different flavors to choose from, Verry-Berry and Honey-nana, which–according to the website–are made with natural ingredients, active cultures, packed with protein and will deliver a much-needed source of calcium for those growing bones.

The Chobani Champions website allows proud parents to post pictures of their Champs eating the good stuff, along with a short story as to why their kid is a Chobani Champion. Users of the website vote on the “Champ of the Month” who is then awarded a free case of yogurt.

Through the product and website, Chobani has created a relationship with their customers far beyond simply delivering a good source of nutrition for their children. It allows the parent and child to connect through food that is good for the body and be involved in a conversation with other parents on the website who also are experiencing the same good-nutrition victories, all while are keeping the Chobani brand in the back of their mind.

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May 23, 2024
by Mary Lou Quinlan

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