Quitting Smoking Does SUCK. Thanks Nicorette.

As a former smoker and someone who has done work on both sides of the tobacco fence, I take my hat off to Nicorette for being a Whole Truth Brand. I have heard smokers say for 10+years how much they dread a quitting attempt – even if they know it is good for them in the long run – they are miserable leading up to quitting and truly frustrated once they get started.

The Half Truth smokers usually tell themselves: "It is too hard."

The Whole Truth smokers need to hear: “Yup. It’s hard and miserable but you’ve got to do it or you’ll die.”

If we had an award ceremony for brands that best nabbed a consumer insight (let’s imagine we call it the Whole Truth-y Awards and we got all dressed up and had a red carpet…) this brand would win top honors. From the commercials to their candid letter to smokers in magazines like People, the brand nails the raw emotional reality of breaking a cigarette addiction. The honesty puts the brand into a true ‘on your side’ position and makes it a hero instead of a crutch. Bravo!

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May 23, 2024
by Mary Lou Quinlan

A look at an early production of WORK


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