Has the marketing campaign for The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo film failed in marketing to women?

Of all the films about to grace our local movie studios in the pre-Oscar holiday push, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo may be the most anticipated.  Adapted from the mega-hit novel, the dark and twisted story stars the dark and twisted Lisbeth Salander, who aids journalist Mikael Blomkvist in his search for the truth about a young woman’s disappearance.  I’ve read it, you probably have to, and if so, you know that truth is pretty … well, dark and twisted.

As of this summer, the book had sold 15 million copies altogether in the US, and polling conducted by Nielsen’s Media National Research Group indicates that 83% of women over 25 and 79% of women under 25 are aware of the film.  However, only 36% of either group of women expressed “definite interest” in seeing it.

The problem, hypothesizes New York Magazine’s Vulture blog, isn’t the material, as evidenced by the book’s huge following.  Nor is it the visual aspect of its adaptation to film, as the horror and slasher film genres are popular with women.  Rather it seems Sony has either miscalculated or set aside their efforts in marketing to women.  To quote the article: “The consensus of marketing solons is that Sony’s dark, $125 million gamble will still open — the estimate it’s likely to pull in between $40 and 50 million over six days — but that its director’s singular vision means it could have done a lot better.”

Or, as another expert said, “I think women see these trailers and are being scared shitless away from it.”

What do you think?  Are the trailers for The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo reaching a female audience?  Are you “scared shitless” away from seeing the film advertised as “The Feel Bad Movie of Christmas” in its own teaser?

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