Just Ask a Woman is seeking an associate planner: Want to join our team?

Just Ask a Woman, the leading women’s marketing consultancy in the US, is seeking an insightful, energetic Associate Account Planner. Job listing below. If all of this sounds like a description of you or someone you know, please contact Tracy Chapman at tchapman@justaskawoman.com

Responsibilities include:

Qualitative Research Support and Execution

  • work with the three JAAW team principals to grow the client base and deliver results that earn repeat business
  • be proficient at research screener creation, interfacing with recruiters and managing multiple recruits across the country
  • development of discussion guides and ability to respond to client edits and direction
  • orchestration of the on-site planning and logistics for the qualitative work, which ranges from large group interviewing to small group, as well as in-store and in-home ethnographic techniques
  • attendance at research sessions and recording notes.  May also include independently interviewing women in a style that shows openness, empathy and engagement
  • ability to pull together consumer perspective, insights and marketing point of view in a highly persuasive, readable document
  • ability to develop PowerPoint presentations
  • ability to review and edit video to support insights in a compelling way
  • effective presenter to client organizations. Comfortable speaking in front of small and large audiences

 Eager Contributor to Content Creation

In addition to our insight-gathering and strategic marketing prowess, Just Ask a Woman is also a prolific communications organization. This candidate will be encouraged to add their voice to not only the Just Ask a Woman editorial but also other media venues, both traditional and digital in order to spread our learning to potential clients and partners.

 A Smart, Likeable, Energetic Team Player

With a small company, it may go without saying that chemistry counts, but here it’s a mantra. Our style with our clients is honest and persistent and frankly, fun. We have a track record for being people whom others really love to work with, thanks to our track record of responsiveness, speed and grace under pressure and our unrelenting commitment to speak truth to power. We are all hands on and expect that same work ethic from everyone.

 Someone who both works to live and lives to work

While we work hard, we are also very conscious of two things. One, that burning talent to the ground is a sure fire way to burn it out, so we are generous with our vacation policy and our flexibility when life calls for it. But we also expect that in return, each team member will include Just Ask a Woman’s goals as a personal priority. We can’t help thinking about women 24/7/365 even when off duty, so our insights are always shared among us, fresh and not slotted under “later.”

 Qualification Requirements:

Must have a Bachelor’s degree. Internships in related fields a plus

2-3 years of relevant experience in an account planning department

Excellent writing skills

Proficient with PowerPoint. Final Cut Pro experience preferred

Travel is required


Strong awareness and interest in all media forms; active social media presence; pop culture enthusiast; trendwatcher and interpreter; avid consumer, especially at discount; is a careful budget manager who treats our clients’ investments and Just Ask a Woman’s assets with care and precision.

A perfectionist as far as details and follow up, a big strategic thinker who’s also a practical problem solver, fast on your feet, but thoughtful in your approach, an easy sense of humor, empathy and relatability to women of all life stages, income, geography, ethnicity and values.

If you are the person that people turn to for help, the person that others confess secrets to…and you keep them, you are on the right track. And most of all, you must have a deep personal respect and regard for women. We are kind of obsessed with how they think, behave and buy.  And we care about helping them have happier, healthier lives by giving our clients the support to do right by them AND make money doing it.

Please contact Tracy Chapman at tchapman@justaskawoman.com

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