But Mom, It’s All Natural!!! Walmart’s New Tween Makeup Line

Walmart is releasing a new line of make-up targeting tween girls. It’s been touted on blogs and news channels as “eco-friendly” and the company reports it contains natural ingredients and is free of phthalates and parabens.

The issue: The media is going crazy over whether tweens, aged 8-12, should be encouraged to wear make-up teaching girls that beauty is on the outside, not the inside; crushing confidence, focusing on surface appearances, etc…we’ve heard it all before.

The Walmart solution: Provide kids with a (as we like to call it) “green-ish” cover to ease parents minds and also for parents to use as their own defense against other judging, skeptical parents. “My daughter wanted to wear make-up so I let her have the good-for-you stuff.”

Brilliant—can’t wait to see how it sells.

What do you think: Should tweens wear make-up, even if it’s ‘eco-friendly’?

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May 23, 2024
by Mary Lou Quinlan

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