RAVE Review: IKEA Business

We decided to do a little makeover of our office and now that we have done a major clean out (more than 12 dumpster loads!) and had the place painted we needed to address some decorating needs. Over the weekend I went as a civilian to IKEA in Elizabeth, NJ. I took some pictures and bought a few samples to bring to the office for a vote. The good news was that everyone liked what I picked. The bad news (I thought) was that I was going to have to somehow convince my amazing husband to drive our minivan sportscar to IKEA and then lug everything to our downtown office.

But then I remembered a speech I gave at IKEA a few years ago where I was introduced to their IKEA Business department. All I knew was that they would help but I will be honest that my expectations were low and I thought that I’d be doing the shlep soon enough. Instead I have had a rock star experience with them. I called the store and was connected via automated message to an IKEA Business representative who checked stock, tracked down an item and took my order within 12 hours. Within minutes I was called by someone who took my credit card info and then said the magic words… “Would you like that delivered today?” Does it get better than this? Now we have everything we need on-site and it didn’t require going through the Holland Tunnel. Yeah IKEA.

DISCLAIMER: We have worked with IKEA in the past but are not currently retained

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July 2, 2022
by Mary Lou Quinlan

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