Is the Iphone for Girls

Jenna Goudreau at says yes. In fact, her post “Is the Iphone for Girls” points out that new research  from Nielsen finds that women show a greater preference for the iPhone while men show a stronger interest in Motorola’s Droid. 

Now, I’m an Iphone junkie. Before getting it, my cell phone was a paper weight in my bag, but now, it is always charged. For me, it’s all about the apps and the functionality of the phone. I have no idea whether the Droid is as good but quite frankly, I don’t want to think about it because “if it’s not broke…”  I think a lot of women feel that way.  Once we find something we love that works, we stick with. We tend to be more brand loyal unless there is a reason not to be.

But of course it is about getting her first. Looking at the Nielsen data, while 30.9% of women say that their next Smartphone will be an Iphone, 23.8% are still undecided (compared to 14.9% of men who aren’t sure which one they want).  This tells me that there are still people to persuade and marketing and applications will be the key to her heart.

Jenna also asks whether the next debate will be between Kindle and the IPad. The Kindle has done a great job creating ads that are clearly targeted to women.

But are they looking at how women are actually using these products and marketing to her that way?  I know in our house, my Iphone is shared by me and my daughter who is 18 months old – there are just as many apps for her on there as there are for me and she is a wiz at turning it on and sliding her finger across the screen to get it to do what she wants. As a mom, I couldn’t live without it.  Now take the IPad, I know the IPad would act the same way – we would use it for movies and games and entertainment and I’d use it to catch up on favorite magazines and books. Can the Kindle do that? The brand that shows women how it can easily fit into their lifestyle and justify the price, will be the one who wins their wallet share.

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