Boomers get Fiit for the holidays

I’m so sad the new Christmas campaign for Wii Fit is not airing in the US. The UK Telegraph reports that Helen Mirren is one of the new endorsers for the gaming consol.

Dawn Paine, Marketing Director at Nintendo UK, mentions that, “we will be helping the nation play together and have fun whatever their age.” Usually we say everything cannot be for everyone, but this is a great example of smart boomer marketing. Perhaps she’ll buy Wii Fit in the hopes of playing with their grandkids, spouse or friends? And who tends to splurge on gifts around the holidays and has the disposable income to do so?

It’s about time to acknowledge women’s presence in the gaming industry where female gamers total 40% of players.

I’m interested to see how the campaign is received, but I’m happy that Nintendo is paying attention to the power of the consumer when usually boomers are an afterthought. Thanks for putting her front and center, does this mean I can get abs like Dame Mirren?

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May 23, 2024
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