Will Brands Understand Sunset Daze?

So I am a huge television watcher. I wish I meant PBS or Masterpiece Theater. But nope, I am a classless, reality show junkie much to my husband’s dismay (he likes WWII movies and documentaries!). Besides getting caught up in the drama of other people’s drama I like watching how brands are getting weaved into story lines. What are they drinking? Whose cars are they driving? What product are they the spokesperson for? How do brands calculate risk?

So I watch the launch of WE’s bold new reality show “Sunset Daze” with curiousity. This show is about people, mostly women, living in a retirement community. Can you hear the audible gasp of 20 something media buyers everywhere? What would brands do with people 60+ besides sell them Poise or life insurance?

If I had one marketing message to scream from the rooftops it would be to MIND THE BOOMER. As much as companies want to go younger and younger all of the time there is enormous opportunity with Boomer Women. They have more money, more free time and the most loyalty. In the almost 11 years we’ve been in business I can count on two hands how many clients have wanted to really understand the emotional triggers of these women. Fewer than that have actually done anything with the information.

So what marketing surrounds “Sunset Daze”? Frankly, I’m a little dissapointed. On the WE site they actually have a game called “Bling my Cart” as in golf cart. Really? Couldn’t do better than that? What’s next? How many Geritols are in the jar? I’ve checked out the bios of the cast and some of them are barely above 60. That is far from over the hill but we are supposed to be shocked that they still want to live a little – go dancing, talk about sex and even date!

What brands do you think should have a place in a show like this? My first instinct is luxury cars, quick serve restaurants, airlines and hotels. I wish clothing and beauty would get into the act also but I won’t hold my breath.

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April 13, 2024
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