It’s All About the $$$

Citibank’s Women & Co announced their new ad campaign yesterday that will run through November. It looks great- beautiful, lots of diversity, real women’s stories, help, assistance, etc. For me, a girl who grew up in the land of airbrushed models and advertising overload, I say nicely done, but I’ll stick with LearnVest.

Full disclosure: I got a sneak peak at the website before it was fully launched, but I cannot say enough about it. It’s smart, easy, and as a product of “Generation Me”, it’s hip and personal.

I signed up for the LearnVest email, hesitant to add another piece of unread mail to my inbox every day, but was pleasantly surprised when I found that it provides a welcomed 2 minute relief from my work day (just like my ruelala daily glance). With provocative subjects like “The affordable way to be a foodie”, “How to drink wine on the cheap (without drinking cheap wine)” and “LearnVester Tax Questions, Answered!”, I immediately sent the site along to my friends (especially the one that just got a credit card and missed her first payment).

The best part of the emails is I know I can always click-thru to the website that provides honest information without the “you should already know this/be contributing to/you’re screwed and should’ve started this years ago” super serious connotation. Just what a woman on a strict budget needs; encouragement, helpful hints and advice that sounds like it’s coming from a (slightly more intelligent) friend, not a scary higher learning institution.

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June 14, 2024
by Mary Lou Quinlan

A look at an early production of WORK


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