Fine. Everyone Go to BlogHer and Leave Me Behind.


I am okay now but I know that come next week when all of my favorite bloggers are in Chicago toegether it will feel like I’m staying home on prom night while all my friends are in a stretch limo drinking underage without me.  It’s not like I didn’t know when registration was or didn’t think I could go, I just dropped the ball.  And now I’m sad.

But if I’m really honest with myself,  I would also admit that I was a little too intimidated to go and meet some the blog celebrities that I admire so much.  What would I even say if I met Design Mom in person? (I think I would tell her what she wrote about her sister made me cry)  Would I finally get to meet the Manic Mommies? I’m not sure if Kristin or Erin would consider me a friend-to-be or a crazed stalker because I talk about them like we are old pals from summer camp.  (I felt this way when I missed the Manic Mommies Escape too).  I’m sure the coolest moms from Cool Mom Picks will be there and I would want to tell them how there was one week when I had salmonella that I bought something recommended on their blog every single day.  Bloggers who I know IRL will be there too like the ultra fabulous Tonya Staab from A Day in My Life and I will be glued to my Tweet Deck to hear about everything.

So ladies enjoy everything, don’t get so much swag that you have to pay extra for your luggage on the way home and most of all get home quickly so I have something to read.

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April 13, 2024
by Mary Lou Quinlan

A look at an early production of WORK


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The God Box Goes Global!

“The God Box” has grown to include an app, audio book, philanthropic venture and solo show performed by Mary Lou across the US. Now The God Box Project goes global to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.
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