Bare Escentuals Takes it to the People


Yesterday’s New York Times (5/28/09) had a full page ad in the Style Section brought to us by the people from Bare Escentuals cosmetics.  Picture a full page of pretty dense text:

The attention grabbing headline “The advertising experts tell us that people don’t read lots of copy.”  In smaller print “I really hope not because this cost us a fortune.”

The ad goes on to talk about how their bareMinerals cosmetics are the bee’s knees (my words not theirs) and that the product is really awesome and used by millions of women.  The tone is very personal and simple and friendly without the over sweetness or over girlfriend tone that is driving me crazy in every other ad from everyone else.  It even takes another good natured jab at advertising executives.  More than anything this ad reminds us that there are real people behind this brand and even ends with an offer to meet the CEO, Leslie Blodgett, for coffee if you are ever in San Francisco conditioned with “I’m not kidding. Call our main office at 415-489-5000. Generally Hilda answers the phone.”

BTW, I couldn’t help myself so I called the number this morning really excited to talk to Hilda and set up time to meet Linda for a latte but alas I got a voicemail system that let me leave a mailbox in the wasteland that is the company’s general mailbox.  Stay tuned to see if my call gets returned. I am dying to know what kind of responses they have received.  Anyone have the inside scoop?

Bravo to Blodgett & Bare Escentuals for taking the risk on this ad. I still  won’t buy the product because Bobbi Brown and I are tough to separate but when I see it in Sephora I will think “hey, that’s my friend Linda’s company” and wish her well.

AN UPDATE: I heard back from Bare Escentuals in record speed and they’ve told me the response to the ad has exceeded their expectations.  They are getting calls from new customers and getting kudos from their loyal fans.  Glad to see the effort is being rewarded.  I’m even going to go check out their product line. I might be cheating on Bobbi before you know it …

AN UPDATED UPDATE: I’m cheating on Bobbi for sure now.  It took a while but I am officially a convert to these products (mostly the face stuff not the eye makeup or lips yet). I wasn’t sure at the beginning because there were a lot of brushes and instructions and it took up a lot of counter real estate but it is pretty great.  My makeup stays on after a cruel and humid NYC day and that is a huge feat.  So this advertising worked for this woman. 

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