LAUGH in the face of fear


Today The Wall Street Journal featured some plucky entrepenours who are making money by selling creative, recession wares.  Picture Lance Armstrong bracelets that say LAID OFF NEED A JOB.  Or a beer mug that says “This beer is going down like the stock market.” Call me sick but I find this kind of humor HI-larious.

A few weeks ago I swore that I was going to edit my life of negative people who act like Chicken Little (so glad I’m avoiding them now as they are in a tizzy about swine flu!) and now I can replace them with perfectly sarcastic voices of reason.  My favorite Tweets are from and I wish I could go have a cocktail with those writers! You know someone who writes “Allow me to take some pressure off of your job search, no one is hiring” has to be a lot of fun.   I also like for saying what we mean. 

 OUTSIDE: Get well soon.

INSIDE: My patience for your condition is starting to wane.

While I don’t have the guts to send their cards out I love that they take a stab at the traditional Hallmark sentiment (usually insincere anyway).

This kind of humor is tricky though and I worry about marketers who try to copy the wit in their own advertising.  Usually backfires.  I’m particularly fond of Saturn’s new ad that pokes fun at car companies that promise to take back  your car if you lose your job.  The Saturn ad points out that it would really stink to lose  your job AND your car so they promise to help with your car payments until you get on your feet.

What makes you laugh (even when  you aren’t supposed to)?

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March 27, 2023
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