Truer Now

We’re working on a new book based on our learnings of the past 10 years to separate Half Truths from Whole Truths in the women’s market. But writing during such a strange economic slump, I’m brought back to the ‘rules’ of our first book in 2003.  

What matters in good times, comes into sharp relief in tough ones. Five of the principles laid out in “Just Ask a Woman” are truer today than yesterday: 

1. Women are deliberate decision makers: Scrutiny I used to reserve for big ticket items has shifted to the smallest things. I looked in 15 different stores in search of a clutch bag for my niece’s prom…part of that was pure aunt love; part, justifying the dollars for a shred of gold thread. 

2. Women are vigilante shoppers: Jen spent a recent lunch break walking in the rain to return a pair of rain boots to Old Navy bought for her daughter, because she refused to be ripped off when she found them online from the same brand for four dollars less.  

3. Women demand respect at the counter: Shopping today is more than a transaction. I am intentionally steering my business to retailers, especially smaller ones, who take a personal interest in me. It’s a choice I’ve always had but it matters more now. (So, does their success.) 

4. Women have a tug of war with the mirror: Would I rather buy something to wear that wears out or something for our home that lasts? Funny, how much more comfort counts in uncomfortable times.  

5. Women turn to their board of directors for decision-paring: Seven years ago, I might have counted on a small core of friends for advice. Now, my trusted circle is larger, in person and online, yet, somehow more intimate. We know we are in this together.

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April 13, 2024
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