Predictable Polly


From restaurants to retailers…a predictable customer is a slam dunk if you want to impress with your ability to remember personal details.  When I was a bartender, I used to love it when the regulars would walk in…I’d have their drinks made before they even sat down.  Not only does it result in a happier customer but you manage to prove yourself a conscientious employee while saving both you and your customer time.

That’s what we strive for, right?  Giving people what they want before they even have to ask for it.  But what happens when those predictables change their minds? 

I’ll readily admit that I’m a creature of habit.  I go to the same place for lunch every day, have yet to trade in my cowboy boots for city pumps and every morning I order the same (complicated) coffee beverage from Starbucks.  As I have now been reciting this order for close to 2 years, several of the baristas have memorized my bev of choice and speedily start making it as soon as I open the door.  Initially this only strengthened my love for Starbucks.  I bragged to all of my colleagues how I felt like a regular, how impressive it was that they remembered me when they have so many customers. 

Then one morning I woke up with an inexplicable craving for iced tea instead of coffee.  When I approached the busy counter and opened my mouth to give my new order, a coffee cup was immediately pressed into my hand and the barista (Ashley) was holding out her hand for my credit card…the amount of my regular drink already keyed in to the register in front of me. 

Because there was a line, and I was still getting a perfectly good drink with no wait time (and I didn’t want to hurt Ashley’s feelings), I smiled, thanked Ashley for being a “rockstar” and went along my way…just a little bit disappointed. 

While it’s good to recognize predictable behavior and anticipate your customer’s wishes, be aware that she may (and is allowed to) change her mind.  She may wake up wanting iced tea instead of coffee. Not giving her a chance to make a decision is really only making your life easier, not hers.  You can still keep it personal by addressing her by name, asking if she wants “her usual,” and even giving her suggestions on something new to try.  Maybe she’ll never change, but at least give her the option and the chance to think it over.

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July 24, 2024
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