The Lady or the Spaniel?


This morning’s New York Post greeted me at the door with a picture of Bar Refaeli, the new Sports Illustrated cover girl, posing in a teeny, lacy bikini in the cliché’d tug off position. (Isn’t there a new sulky pose in this century?)  

It’s funny that the issue coincides with Valentine’s Day because the swimsuit looks like one of those fantasy lingerie outfits that guys fall for in Vicky’s Secret and women open and blush, “Ooh. Just what I wanted, a see-through teddy with hearts you know where.” Wonder what the return rate is on those? 

Was I just jealous? Or was I channeling the thoughts of women everywhere opening their mailboxes and preparing for the living room ogle-fest? And, was I forgetting how much women love to look at other women, even if it’s born out of secret envy or wishful thinking that they might someday look (a little) like her? 

The SI supermodel picture was followed by another girl splashed all over today’s news. Her name is Stump. She’s a 10 year old Sussex Spaniel and the oldest dog ever to win the Westminster Dog Show. (Funny, as the media often does with women, the age reference gets top billing on anyone over 40, even if it’s dog years.) What’s great about Stump, as a woman’s ‘model’ is that she has a story. She almost died, was a last minute registrant and won despite a gait that even her handler called “plodding.” Despite her squarish shape and her funny walk, she showed that a true champion is an original who defies the odds. 

Given the choice, I vote for the girl with the long hair, the one so bored with celebrity that she napped on the floor during a live morning show. Now that’s confidence that’s beautiful.

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January 22, 2022
by Mary Lou Quinlan

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