Bed, Bath & Beyond Expectations

Lack of customer service has been plaguing me recently…making me wonder, is it me?   

From UPS shipping back my order after delivering it to the wrong address (even after I called twice!) to the contractors I am trying to desperately hire to work on our patio who won’t call back or worse, just don’t show up to the accounting department of a reputable appliance store who won’t return my phone call about rebates they were supposed to send me for my brand new washer/dryer. What does a girl need to do to get help around here?

So last week when I tried to order a gift from Bed, Bath, and Beyond’s bridal registry, I wasn’t surprised that after submitting my order I got an error message without an explanation and then when I went to re-do it I found that the items on the registry were marked as already being ordered (ahhhh, that was the week I was having).

I immediately called customer service ready for the fight but to my pleasant surprise, the rep I spoke to put me at ease immediately. And when their computer system hadn’t updated yet he even offered to call me back… I thought for certain I would have to call back and explain my situation multiple times before getting it solved. But again, to my surprise, he actually called me back and in record time! 

In this economic climate where women are starting to become even more conscious of what they buy and where they buy it, retailers and customer service representatives will need to be on their game. As anxiety increases, she will be more of a vigilante shopper than ever and she’ll be taking her wallet with her.

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May 23, 2024
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