When Less is More

Women have been telling us for some time now that they want to find ways to simplify their lives and choose products that make things easier. I know I want that, especially as I sit here trying to figure out how to make software work with my Vista operating system (talking nicely to it doesn’t seem to be doing the trick.)

We’ve been saying for awhile now that we wouldn’t be surprised if consumers started paying a premium for products that had less features. While they might not be willing to shell out extra bucks to get less yet, a new study from Jitterbug, the manufactures of the simple cell phone, shows that they definitely believe less is more.  


In fact, 32% of cell phone users say their current cell phone service has more features than they know what to do with. And 73% of respondents prefer to pay only for what they believe they will actually use, compared to only 27% who want all the bells and whistles.( Jitterbug National Survey, May 2008

My only question is why is this being sold as the “Senior cell phone”?  I can tell you while I love my blackberry, there are days where I would be happy to go feature free.

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April 19, 2024
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