Studies show that sexting is on the decline among the young

Young people have and will always make mistakes as they grow up; a particular challenge of the current generation is the ease with which they can record and send these mistakes to their friends.

However, a new study out today from the University of New Hampshire shows that one of the more frightening examples of this phenomenon may be less prevalent than we’ve dreaded.

“Sexting,” it turns out, is far from “normal” for 10- to 17-year olds, with only two and one-half percent appearing in or creating nude or nearly nude (but not sexually explicit) images.  Only 1% of the 1560 respondents said they’d participated in images that showed naked breasts, genitals or buttocks.

This is in contrast to past studies that found 1 in 5 young people was “involved in sexting,” a discrepancy the current research seems to blame on “ambiguous screening questions.”

Having just spent the Thanksgiving holidays with young cousins, babysitters and neighbors in this age bracket, it’s a relief to know there’s not likely to be photos of bare butts in their text messages.  Teens have always been masters of self-preservation, and while we may fear “self-preservation” means assuring one’s social status via sexual favors, perhaps in most instances they understand that’s not the case.

One thing is certain though, this 1% is one you don’t want your child to be part of, and the best way to keep them from it is through discussion.  This study can give them ammunition, in case they find themselves trying to be convinced otherwise.

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