Trial Offers Turn Me On

I am a redeemer of coupons, a loyalty club card afficionado and a rebate expert so when two brands that I LOVE offered me trial memberships in their upgraded service programs I couldn’t help myself.

First, Amazon offered me free Prime membership because I am a mom. I know there was a lot of turmoil by non-breeders about this program but let’s face it there should be some sort of reward for surviving this whole parenting thing. (In hindsight, Amazon should have made it a Parenting program so as to include dads and even grandparents.) So as long as I spend a certain amount in their baby store my membership will keep getting re-upped. Since I’ve had this privilege my shopping at Amazon versus other retailers (brick or click) has almost tripled. Having the products arrive in 2 days (most of the time) rocks and saves me time and money. I order from the app on my iPhone while I’m on the road and usually the product beats me to my house. Every birthday gift for my twins’ friends has come from Amazon and normally they would have only had a portion of my gift giving budget.

Second, Fresh Direct launched in my NJ town. I nearly flipped my lid celebrating this news because while our grocery stores are okay there is nothing better than the Fresh Direct selection and prices on meat, seafood and prepared foods. When it launched I got a generous coupon off my first two orders which is de rigeour for FD. BUT they also offered me a 2 month trial of their unlimited delivery pass. As long as I spend $30 on each order I get free delivery. The charge for delivery is about $7 regularly and that is enough to make me think twice about making smaller sized orders. I’m one month into the trial and take advantage of it at least once per week.

Now the real question is will I renew these offers when it comes down to opening my wallet? Probably is my answer. If either of these retailers are smart they would be paying very close attention to the shoppers who enrolled in the trial. Now that we are getting hooked it will be hard to go back to paying more. I believe that there might be some extra motivation needed to pay out of pocket for these things (discounted rate on renewal, rewards for turning other people on to the program) but overall I believe this has been money well spent by both brands.

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