It’s Real Simple. Listening will make her happy.

Stephanie Holland at She-conomy reports on Real Simple’s recent Happiness study where it looks as though what makes men and women happy differs dramatically. (Check out the full list on Stephanie’s website.)

While brains and brawn are on the top ten for both, and it seems that money can buy happiness with their choosing luxury trips, cars and big houses, there were three areas where the differences seemed to stand out the most.

1. A big house would make him the most happy, while she would be happiest with a permanently clean home. The Whole Truth here is that she doesn’t want more home than she can handle and she would be really happy if someone else did the cleaning!

2. He’d be happy with a personal assistant and she would be happy saying “no” more.   It seems he needs more and she believes she gives too much.

3. He said a better sex life would make him happy.  She said more time for herself would make her happy. The Whole Truth on this one is better left unsaid! Perhaps that luxury tripis a solo one for her!  They both believe that a really romantic relationship will make them happier however.

It’s no surprise then that when men and women try to make each other happy they can miss the mark.  Half Truth: People try hard to make others happy. Whole Truth: They think about what they’d personally like rather than paying close attention to the other’s desires. (I almost made this mistake for Valentine’s day when I thought about getting my husband the couple’s massage over the round of golf with the guys.)  

This happens often in marketing as well. Marketers think they know what women want so they don’t bother to ask.   Power listening is one way to really make her happy. By engaging in conversation with your consumers, asking the right questions, really listening to what she wants and delivering will make her more than happy at the register.

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December 2, 2021
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