Is Peer Trust Dwinding?

Michael Bush reports in this week’s Advertising Age that an Edleman study reveals only 25% of people find their peers credible. At the same time, this year’s favorite Super Bowl line-up included consumer generated ads. Apparently our peers know what we like, but we’re not quite ready to trust them.   

With the proliferation of personal blogs and message boards and the ever-growing circle of virtual “friends” on social media sites, credentials matter.

In the article, Richard Edelman, president and CEO of Edelman, says it’s a sign of the times — and the lesson for marketers is consumers have to see and hear things in five different places before they believe it.  We couldn’t agree more with Mr. Edelman.

Half Truth: Women blindly trust their ‘Board of Directors’.

Whole Truth:  Women look for places where they can consistently find the blend of proven fact and informed, caring opinion.

We’ve seen the emergence of the Citizen Researcher over the last few years. There has been an evolution of research. Early on we saw a focus on research related to health, travel planning and recipe tips and now women are “researchers” of nearly every aspect of their lives. They are watchful of consistency and look to see what fits with their own common sense. And in the end, a woman’s gut will tell her who and what to believe.

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