Living on the Sunny Side of Cancer


Ok, the cat is out of the bag now, or at least my stage 0, non-invasive DCIS breast cancer is, since I’ve decided to tell my story in a ongoing blog on

I’ve actually known and been dealing with this since April when a mammogram came with unwelcome news. First off, I’m fine. Actually I’m more than fine because not only was today my last day of radiation, it’s also turned out to be a real beginning for me. When I found out about the cancer, I was as shocked and worried as anyone would be, even if this is a curable form. But I guess that everyone has their way of dealing with what comes their way and I decided very quickly that I would face it squarely and get on with it, sort of the way I have approached my entire life and career. More than that, I decided that I would make this something positive and see if I could come out the other side, even healthier than the treatment could make me.

I’ve been on my own ‘radiance plan’ and it’s really worked for me. And I’ll be sharing it on the blog. But the most important moments for me have been the kind you see when you really look in the mirror at what matters to you. I’ve been brave and I’ve been chicken, but most of all, I feel I’ve been loved and coached through this and for the first time, learned what it meant to ask for help, since I’m better at being a type A, “I can do it myself” woman.

As much as I’ve been open about my personal life at Just Ask a Woman, even in my book, “Time Off for Good Behavior”, I think that what I will reveal in this blog will go farther because I owe it—to the women (and men) who helped me and to those I hope to help by opening up about this. I hope you will go to the site (Under Health concerns/breast cancer) and follow my journey, and if you check “I liked this story”, well, that would be really nice.

There’s a sunny side to every street. Come walk with me.

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