Sprinkles: Thoughtful or Overkill?


I’ve recently heard about the concept of a baby Sprinkle (versus a shower, get it?) and I’m torn about what to make of it. Customarily women only get a shower for their first child and any children after that might get celebrated post-birth at a bris, naming, baptism or the new trend called the “Sip and See.”  The shower is usually pretty elaborate and the mom-to-be gets to stock up on necessities like car seats and high chairs and niceties like tiny, tiny outfits and personalized bibs.  The Sprinkle may be just as elaborate but the idea is that it will help mom-to-be either restock from the first child or prepare for a different gender arrival.    Part of me thinks this is a really thoughtful idea because I can imagine that if this pregnancy is 4+ years since the last, the gear you used to have may be gone (given as premature hand me downs) or out of date (old car seat technology,  BPA laden bottles).  Another part of me thinks it is just another way to torture your friends and rob them of a weekend afternoon.  The marketing part of me wonders what opportunities a Sprinkle could present to baby companies.  Could Evenflo offer an option to trade in gear for a discount on new models? Could Babies R Us offer a Sprinkle registry? Could formula companies like Similac or Nestle offer a gift box of newly introduced products?

So should the forecast be for showers or sprinkles?

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January 22, 2022
by Mary Lou Quinlan

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