Rekindling Book Love

I love my new Kindle 2. Of course, I have to mention it’s Kindle “2” because that gives me extra points. Already, a very techy friend was impressed that I had one. And another friend’s 16 year old looked at me as if I were cool, instead of just his mom’s friend. So, yes, there’s an outside ego reason to love it. 

But I’ve got an insider reason to love it, too. With the click of a button, I can change the font size and happily read away without tired eyes or the unattractive giveaway of squinting at fine type. I took mine on vacation and could even read it under the Mexican sun on a beach.  

And a charming touch on a modern toy is that the screensavers are a gallery of lovely line-drawn portraits of famous, classic writers like Edith Wharton. Somehow that makes something potentially cold seem kind of cozy.

Of course, I’ve already downloaded the next couple books I want to read and now they sit on my Kindle, like they used to sit on my windowsill. So, next I need a strategy for more reading time…or else I can let it read to me from its text to voice feature.  

Can’t wait for our upcoming book to be on it!…stay tuned for November.

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January 22, 2022
by Mary Lou Quinlan

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