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I’m not a dermatologist and I’m not a nutritionist but I am a woman who’s had skin cancer. And I have to raise a red flag on a recent spate of articles written by beauty editors on the value of getting more unprotected sun to shore up your Vitamin D. 

About a year ago, my own internist sounded the Vitamin D warning, saying that lowered standards for D consumption, coupled with reduced sunning/increased SPFs put many women at dangerously low levels of D, an enabler of healthy organ function, especially our ability to absorb critical calcium. 

His answer: start taking up to 1200 mgs of D supplements. Unfortunately, beauty editorial has used this D-valuation as an excuse to spout “go ahead, sun is good for you again” hype.  

I worry that women, only too happy to be returned to their days of naive tanning, will leap at this permission to burn.  

Let me tell you about burn. I’m on my third Mohs surgery to cut away basal skin cancer. Sun is not just aging, it’s dangerous. Get your D the safe way, from food, vitamins, supplements. But California girl tan days are toast. Give it up!

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January 22, 2022
by Mary Lou Quinlan

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